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Because life doesn't come with instructions

Because life does not come with instructions.



Information on this site is gathered from various sources. Since much of it is the same information (for instance, information on STDs are pretty much accepted by all medical practitioners), seldom could I point to a single source. While compiling the information on this website, I consulted several relevant books and trustworthy websites.

So while there may have been multiple resources, the information tended to get blended, and so, few direct quotations or attributions could be made. However, I'm indebted to the authors and/or creators of the following books and websites. I urge you to consider buying any of the books and/or checking out websites mentioned below.

In no particular order:


The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality by Michael J. Basso , published by Fairview Press

Available in English and Spanish, and from most book stores, ask for ISBN 1-57749-131-9

I highly recommend this book to Teens and to their parents. It's reasonably priced, factual and easy to read and almost anything you could think of is covered. More information here.

Private Parts, An owner's Guide to the Male Anatomy by Yosh Taguchi, M.D., published by McLelland and Stewart Ltd (Canada) ISBN 0-7710-8397-1

This book is writen by a urologist and as the blurb on the back cover says, "strips through the superstition, popular misconception, and general ignorance to provide a reassuring and informative guide to this area of vital concern to all men." Suitable for Teens to 80 year olds. And a few lucky 90 year olds!

Gynecological Health: A comprehensive sourcebook for Canadian Women by M.Sara Rosenthal, PhD. Published by Viking Canada and distributed by Penguin. ISBN 0-670-04358-3

This book takes a holistic and feminist oriented approach to the complicated and fascinating female body, covering many subjects including female reproductive cancers, urinary tract infections, PMS, STDs, infertility and sexual dysfunction.

The Magic of Sex by Miriam Stoppard, MD published byRandom House Canada ISBN 0-679-31016-9

This book explores both the physical, emotional and relationship-related aspects of sex. Includes many insights into the opposite sex.

The Book of Sex - What every Man Needs to Know by the Editors of Men's Health Magazine ISBN 0-425-18678-4

A mixture of plainly stated fact and odd bits of sexual trivia that sounds like "the guys" sitting around a campfire talkin' about women. Some subjects to make you squirm but there is a lot of useful mainstream stuff too.

When researching I'll often check multiple websites. Sometimes it's a one-off inquiry but others, I keep coming back to. Here are some of them. Obviously the creators of the various websites are responsible for their own content. These links will open up in a new window that will take you off the Smart 2 Ask site. As information gets updated i will try to list specific attribution; however most will be web pages which can change and disappear over time.


I have had to remove a few site that are no longer active. If you find that one of the ones below is no longer up, please drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Thanks!

Teen Health/Sutter Fdn

Planned Parenthood (America)

Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (Canada)

The Scarlet Teen A no-holds barred site about teenaged sexuality

Sexuality and U The name says it all!

Baby If you are trying to get pregnant or just need to know more about conception, try this site.

Avert (U.K.) Another straight shootin' site about HIV and AIDS

HIV testing, USA

Religious link is to various religious teachings about sex. But this is an interesting site for other aspects of religion too.

I wanna Teen oriented and affiliated with ASHA  (American Social Health Association) and includes some information for parents on how to talk to Teens know....

Silver Lining. A peer group (not professionals) of people dealing with bipolar conditions.

Safe Alternatives ( You don't have to cut. This site may be able to help you or help you work with someone who is a cutter (or other self-injury).


Copyright © 2008-2014. All Rights Reserved.Information is gleaned from various reliable websites and books but you should always consult a professional for professional information.