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Because life doesn't come with instructions

Because life does not come with instructions.

Birth Control Patch, Ortho Evra

Birth Control Patch, Ortho Evra

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Ortho Evra , or "the Patch".

Approximate effectiveness: 98-99%

No protection against STD

Can be made ineffective by antibiotic use; consult your doctor or pharmacists if you are taking antibiotics

The Patch works in a way similar to the Pill, that is, it slowly releases hormones which trick the woman's body into not releasing an egg from her ovaries. The patch stays on even if she goes swimming or exercising. She wears a patch, applied to her stomach, upper arm, back, chest, or buttock, for one week then discards it. She does this for three weeks in a row, then skips one week.

The Patch has pretty much the same side effects as the Pill. While the female doesn't have to remember a pill nearly every day, she does have to remember to change the Patch every week. She also must get a prescription, and, like the Pill, the Patch does not protect against STDs. Also like the Pill, she cannot rely on it for the first month-she should use a backup method like a condom. And, like with the Pill, females who smoke, or are over 35 should not use the Patch. (Quitting smoking will help you in other ways too naturally!) There may be other side effects and/or risks. That's why you have to get a prescription from a doctor or clinic.

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