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Who is "Al Legator"? 

I am a father and a grandfather. I do not know how all that happened so fast! I have been a Scout leader (all ages) for 20 years, a youth group leader for about 5 years. I started this website roughly in 2012 although the last few years have been pretty dormant as I tried to find time to update the site while maintaining heavy demands on my time by my job. I used to be on a few Teen oriented  advice websites but they have all since folded. When I was offering information and advice on those site I found I was often answering the same questions repeatedly. So I started putting common issues on this website for reference. I am not above a Dad joke. Sometimes, multiples. You have been warned.

So why should  you listen to an old Croc- I mean - Al Legator - like me?

Maybe you shouldn't. I am not always right. And sometimes, when asked for advice I am not  given all the facts. But I do have experience in many situations and more importantly perhaps I am not your father. Or have any relationship to you. I don't have to live with you or deal with your situation directly. I can be fairly objective and I do not care if you made a mistake.

No one I know has a time machine so we cannot undo mistakes- just learn from them, often apologise for them and try not to repeat them. If you want to get in touch with me directly, use the form or email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I can not promise a quick reply. Sometimes I have work or may be away for a while. But if I am able, I will reply as soon as I can.

On a serious note- you must understand that no one can predict the outcome of a situation, whether or not you take my, or anyone's advice. You will be responsible for the actions you take in your life. Anyone offering advice is jsut trying to help and will not be resposnible for how things may work out. Also be aware that if you need legal or medical advice, you really need to talk to a professional in those professions.