Birth Control

Birth Control is your choice because you and often, your partner, will have to live with the consequences of a pregnancy, a birth, or, sometimes, an abortion or still born baby. Not every instance of sex results in pregnancy but many might, so, throughout human history, we have been trying to keep that pleasure of sex and minimize the sometime consequences of sexual intercourse.

These attempts have had many versions. Crocodile or elephant dung. Chastity belts. Drinking poisonous compounds; as recently as WW2, some women wanted to work with lead in the hopes that it would make them infertile. That didn't work but lead can result in multiple organ failure as a start. Condoms? Some form of those have been around as far back as 3000 B.C.- things like goat or fish bladders, sheep intestines, linen have been documented. How about a little magic, using mule's earwax and weasel testicle? Want more taste of bizarre attempts to control human reproduction on a personal level? These examples and more  were found at WebMd.

Fortunately we now know more about human reproduction and what is likely to work as "contraception", (against conception). Contraception today consists of many hormonal treatments to fool a female body into not releasing an egg, as well as "barrier methods" like the popular and easy to find condom, that attempt to place a barrier between sperm and an egg. Almost none of these is 100% effective and some do nothing or little to prevent transmitting certain infections in, in the case of pubic lice, infestations. But having sex, how much to have and what you are OK with doing must be your personal choice. And if you have a partner for it, they must be OK with it all too. So, choice of birth control is also personal and should be OK with partners.

Information in this section is very general; often you will be best off to ask a medical person, especially if you are female; age, diet, medical conditions may all have an effect on your menstrual cycle, affecting fertility.

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STDs, Sexually Transmitted Diseases,


STDs, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, often called STI's, Sexually Transmitted Infections (because not all sexually transmitted infection or infestation results in a disease) can be inconvenient, embarrassing at best and life altering or life threatening at worst. This section contatins basic information on most  common STIs..

I want you to think like a germ for a minute, first. Bacteria or viruses that cause most STIs do not care about whether you have never had sexual contact before, or 100 times.They don't care what people think about you. Their sole aim is to infect and multiply. They are not evil and they are not good. They just do what they do.Sometimes they cause symptoms and sometimes they do not. 

NOTE that some of this information , especially in the area of HIV/ AIDS is outdated as far as what is available to treat the infection and prolongue life. Assuming you are in a part of the world where such treatments is available and you have the economic resources needed to pay for decades of medication. For current HIV/AIDS information I recommend

None of the information on this website should be thought of as medical advice. See a medical practioner for that. This is just general information that I hope will give you a general over-view. 

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This website,is currently being updated as time allows. Which means that after being closed down for a while, much of the information is re-published here but some links will not yet function. As well, especially in the area of HIV/AIDS information, latest research is not yet on this site. But remember, "research" is not necessarily going to reach or apply to you. Information and caution could literally save your life

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